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This Week's Confessional Times


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Saturday -


Monday - after Mass
Tuesday - Friday - before Mass


Sunday Devotions

As announced – please check the newsletter for further details


Sundays, by appointment – please call the Presbytery


By appointment at 6 months notice – please call the Presbytery

Sick Calls

Please do not hesitate to call Fr Allen at any time, day or night, if you are worried about someone's illness.

Catholics have a serious duty to call for their Priest if they believe someone is in danger of dying.

For those who receive Holy Communion regularly, the following items are useful to prepare:

  • A table or flat surface, covered with a cloth and standing crucifix
  • Two candles or votive lights
  • Holy Water
  • A small glass or finger-bowl containing ordinary water, with a finger-cloth or paper tissue

Relatives and friends often find these items extremely helpful as they remind them an important Guest has been invited. However, there is no need to worry if you don't have them – they are not essential.


Chaplains are no longer routinely told of admission of Catholic patients. Catholics entering hospital, or their relatives, are urged to make contact with the hospital Catholic chaplain by asking the ward sister to inform him.

Some Bury and other hospitals and Chaplains:

Bury Hospice: Fr Tadhg Mullins (0161) 643 4210

Fairfield Hospital: Fr Andrew Starkie - 07979 351744 (Mobile)

Prestwich Hospital: Duncan Whelan – 0161 357 1769

Christie Hospital: Served by Fr Laurence Gambella
Tel: 0161 446 3097 (office), 0161 446 3000 (Switchboard), 0161 224 1895 (Home)

Manchester Royal Infirmary (also St Mary’s Hospital, Royal Eye Hospital, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital)
Fr Laurence Gambella and Fr Martin Dowd
Tel: 0161 224 1895 (Father Gambella)
Tel: 0161 225 9840 (Father Dowd)
Tel: 0161 276 4247 (Office), 0161 276 1234 (Urgent calls)

North Manchester General Hospital: Served from St Chad's, Cheetham Hill
Tel: 0161 834 4104 or 0161 720 2293 (Office),
Tel: 0161 795 4567 (Switchboard), Tel: 0161 720 2990 (Answerphone)

Salford Royal Hospital: Fr. Francis Waterworth – 0161 206 5167 (Office), 0161 789 4470 (Home)

Trafford Hospital: Chaplaincy Office 0161 748 2624 Tel 0161 748 4022 (Switchboard)

Royal Oldham Hospital: Served by St Anne, Oldham. Tel 0161 678 7282


Each Sunday morning at 10.00, Radio Eireann broadcasts a special Mass for those who are sick or housebound. Many people listen to it and draw great strength from it.

You can find it at: 252 LW/DAB or


Our Lady of Grace Primary School
Highfield Road
M25 3AS
(0161) 796 7254
Headteacher: Mrs A Casey

St. Monica's R.C. High School
Bury Old Road
M25 5JH
(0161) 773 6436

Holy Cross VI Form College & University Centre
Manchester Road
(0161) 762 4500
Principal: Mr D Frost

Gift Aid Declaration

Our Parish participates in the Diocese's Planned Giving scheme under which Parish members are invited to make regular donations by standing order or through the weekly Mass collection, with gift envelopes.

It's now much easier for the Church to obtain a small tax refund from every donation given by a taxpayer. All you need to do is sign a simple, one-off form.

We hold your information in the strictest confidence and we can't access your tax or financial information. If you'd like to help us in this way, first of all, Thank You! – please contact Vin Allerton on 773 3318 or Fr. Allen on 773 2324.