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Parish Priest - Rev. Monsignor John Francis Allen, S.T.L., Ph.L
Also in residence, Rev. Richard Anthony Dearman, M.A., S.T.L.

11 Fairfax Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 1AS
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Live Streaming from Our Lady of Grace is now available. Upcoming masses for coming days will be listed. Recordings of recent services will be kept for viewing for a few days.

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Update Tuesday 5th January

From Tuesday 5 January England will once again move into a national lockdown. However, churches will remain open for the celebration of Mass.

From today therefore, 5 January, Our Lady of Grace church will be open Monday to Saturday from 11.45 am until 1.00 pm.

It will also be open on Saturday evenings from 6.45 until 8.00 pm, allowing for the first Mass of Sunday at 7 o’clock.

The church will also be open on Tuesday 5 January from 6.45 pm until 8.00 pm for the Celebration of the first Mass of the Epiphany at 7 o’clock.

On Sundays the church will be open as present: 8.45 am until 10.00 am; 10.45 am until 12 noon, allowing for attendance of Holy Mass at 9 o’clock and 11 o’clock.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has commented:

The regular practice of our faith in God is a well-established source of both personal resilience and dedicated service to those in need. Such resilience and enduring service are vital in these difficult circumstances.

I am glad that no measures have been introduced that would obstruct or curtail this essential source of energy for the common good. Catholic parishes will continue to serve the needs of their local community.

In one parish, for example, the provision of food for the needy has increased by 400% since March last year.

The safety of our communities remains a priority. Those attending church are reminded to observe the safety measures recommended nationally.

Many people are cautious about mixing in public, so it is well to remember that the Sunday Obligation has been lifted during these extraordinary times.

This does not mean that our faith has to be put on hold. The diocesan website carries a number of aids to help us keep Sunday, the Lord’s Day, holy.

Sacramental Program - Useful resources for Parents and Catechists.

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Videos for Parents

Videos for Catechists

Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the 2nd Vatican Council and the opening of the Year of Faith 11 October 1962-2012.

Based on the Vigil of Pentecost with meditations by Monsignor John Allen

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Bishop John has sent a video message for all the children who would have been making first Holy Communion at this time and for their parents. You can find it here:


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